ElSyndicate  OSINT Against Adversaries

This page contains links to several resources that are related to specific charlatans.

DeVestigator   Attrition   TruthSaver   IntentViewer

A website that tracks Simon Smith (@e_forensic), such as the (in)security of his various applications,
threats made towards several individuals, attempted censorship, abusing the law in Australia, etc.

Well-known website that tracks various companies and individual charlatans that have a reputation
for extreme harassment, plagiarism and/or selling snake oil.

Custom script that automatically saves all of Simon Smith's tweets immediately after they've been
tweeted. Automatic analysis (i.e. statistics) of these tweets is also performed.

Another custom script that works on a (currently manually) tagged set of tweets, which is used to
extrapolate when Simon Smith is most likely to make threats. Future versions will likely include AI.

Last updated: 28 Oct 2017 - 07:34:18 (Australia/Melbourne)