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@David_Speers You're a top Investigative Reporter David :) You grab the answers direct and precise. Pleasure working with you. Simon Smith

@SaeedBaygi @sectest9 Well done girls. I'm so very impressed. It is really great to see this valuable contribution, especially that you recognise cyberbullying.

Amazing to see girl scouts progressing down the learning path in #cyberbullying and #cybersecurity. As a #practicing #expert I'm so proud.

@afyonluoglu @sectest9 Does #NATO have evidence? I'd be happy to participate in joint investigation of #NotPetya. Already started some investigation @e_forensic

RT @afyonluoglu: #NATO attributed the massive #NotPetya attack to a #stateactor,call for joint investigation #Malware #CyberSecurity…

@bendee983 @sectest9 Very good writeup on #NotPetya. There needs to be an investigation. You mention it spread multiple ways. Where and how was this reported?

Very good writeup. Just how it spread seems a mystery and the intent really seems somewhat of a test.

@IoT2030 @sectest9 @TheCyberSecHub That looks great and pretty much realistic. Real life Cybersecurity crisis though is 99% insider initiated, fueled on lack of SDLC IoT.

RT @IoT2030: 2017 #CyberSecurity Skills Gap RT @TheCyberSecHub #Infographic #security #infosec #cybercrime #IoT #AI

RT @StGeorgeBank: Taxtime #Scam Tip: This one will put malicious software on your computer or phone. Check for the latest:…

Fantastic! We need to step in to shield children for what the internet is exposing #kids to #online. #cybersafety is #eminent. #evestigator.

@IKydzapp Excellent product for #OnlineSafety. #esafety education I @e_forensic #evestigator, advocate for as a #cybersecurity #cybercrime fighter.

#onlinedating and #cybercrime have hit an all time high. #datingscams and #datingonline #fakeaccount victims is something I specialise in.

RT @KennyKallina: Parents & Kids think coaches are watching all this online video they're right ... of Tee'd Up not Hudl & Highlights https…

@David_Speers @MathiasCormann @vanOnselenP Always a very well researched interesting, open but challenging reporter. Love @David_Speers work. Well done, keep up the good work.

RT @VisionistLtd: Need to 'improve' the cyber security in industrial control systems #Security #CyberAttack https:/…

@SCMagazine I think the recent NotPetya it has been revealed that it does not use SAMBA. But that's if you trust the news, so many changes!

RT @9NewsAdel: Disappearance of Salisbury man seven years ago was highlighted by Crime Stoppers, as Operation Persist investigator…

RT @HealingMB: STOP Bullying .. It's serious problems affecting our Youths #Bullying #CyberBullying @RespectYourself #mentalhealth https:/…

@HealingMB @RespectYourself Totally support your cause. I catch these people all the time and bring them to the courts from social media fake accounts.

RT @ABAonline: If your being #bullied online, don't keep it to yourself. Here are 5 tips: #cyberbullying #bullying

@ABAonline Totally support your cause. I catch these people all the time and bring them to the courts from social media fake accounts.

RT @RomsesRogers: It's important 2 not be a #bystander. See #bullying? SPEAK UP! U could #save a life. Don't let #suicide erase anyon…

@RomsesRogers Totally respect your cause. I catch these people all the time and bring them to the courts from social media fake accounts.

RT @CyberBeeWiseWP: Ransomware can exploit software vulnerabilities to infect every device on your network. Always install software & a…

Seen this before. Beware. In my opinion all banking comms should be by mail. All transactions should be by online secure direct site.

This is a hot topic at the moment. In my opinion I think we need to find out what's going on at Government level to know where we stand!

This is becoming extremely serious. We are talking massive organisations and massive breaches. I wonder how much we read is really true?

@AndrewEntrustDC @sectest9 @malwrhunterteam Great post. I thought that Android 6.01 and above has a 'preferred application' for NFC that it forces and that you can lock in?

@CYBERSECEU @CyberReadyIndex @IKosciuszki Hello @CYBERSECEU. I have been reading a lot of your posts and am looking forward to making the forum in October all the way from Australia!

@CYBERSECEU @IKosciuszki @SCmagazineUK @cyberscTom Very true, although I wonder at what point the integrity will be challenged with speed? What are your thoughts Adam?

I agree totally. I have expressed my views and experience from real life and there are factual events that I can pinpoint that are mistakes.

@PaulineHansonOz @ACurrentAffair9 I think that was a great gesture @PaulineHansonOz. It is not often people get congratulated so I thought I would say congratulations.

@k8em0 @RobertMLee @kaspersky Hi Katie, what do you think the intention is? Something big is happening in the US. Either RU are retaliating for blame, or this is war?

@master_kula That statement is very true and has a hidden lesson. People are not easily replaceable, and can be your best asset or equally highest risk.

#socialengineering, love it. Funny day, spoke to a SA #scammer on Skype to extract intel. He was cautious! He stated, "There are a lot"..

"of #scammers in SA", "I need to be careful" in his US accent. I agreed in my Italian accent. Then we proceeded with his personal details!

A very well put together infographic. It flows well for the amount of information. Good job.

Good find Ken. My gosh. This has to be a wakeup call for people relying on CC. Not as secure as people think.

RT @CommonSenseAU: @rebuilt_reborn Good ol'fashioned #CommonSenseAU from @Brettyblake & Laurence

RT @peterstefanovic: This Sunday on @60Mins it's the end of the world and cashed up doomsday preppers have got everything sorted! https://t…

RT @CyberTaters: RT @ITLTDUK: Take #potatocrime seriously today as tomorrow may be too late - bookings for #PotatoStars are now being taken…

RT @USseriously: A woman climbs a police car during the protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg and is sprayed with pepper spray.…

@_sara_jade_ You have very good morals. I think it is excellent. In my field I come across a lot of people you mention of. I have learnt how to sort them

@drericcole I totally agree @drericcole. I find cyberstalkers and cybercriminals and they get very complacent sometimes, to the point of humor almost.

So very true when you uncover and take down cybercriminals whose ego gets the better l of them. Very hilarious as they incriminate themself.

@TheRegister OK. That is completely false. Read your title. Read the allegations. Bias unsubstantiated ethics. Out of context responses. #bias #fakenews

@TheRegister No. You made a major error. How deceptive not showing the full picture. Being honest is better than deceptive. You did not take me seriously

@TheRegister Next time research facts. Nothing to do with HTTPS. Your article is false and misleading. Independent Journalism.

@joepie91 @lunorian @ErisExMachina @TheRegister Hi guys. How are you. What's this in relation to. Can't recall this convo. Cheers, Simon

RT @CyberExaminer: #cybersecurity Burhan Wani death anniversary: Know all about the encounter that concluded in 15 minutes…

@InterN0T @TheRegister Yes. You would need to break into the data centre of the ISP, get through security, perform it there if not in WiFi range, or the exchange.

@InterN0T @TheRegister Do you know the difference between server side and client side scripting? Which ethics do you follow, ISACA or ISC or admit you aren't a EH?

@InterN0T @TheRegister Last question. What enterprise (real) applications have you made? Is iiNet the only other incident you had and do you know what a EULA is?

@InterN0T @TheRegister Oh and is Javascript your best talent? I uncovered a major flaw in digital deadlocks with Bluetooth and RFID (a real one not obsolete). Open

@InterN0T @TheRegister Any door in the world by this manufacturer over BLE/RFID never been seen before. You change a string in an obsolete APK. Talented. Did you

@InterN0T @TheRegister Tell everyone about how you have been stalking me and your DDOS attack the other night? Why not start telling the truth.

@InterN0T @TheRegister That's all. I just want people to know the truth. The Apps expired years ago and were part of an obsolete account. Did you tell everyone you

@InterN0T @TheRegister Had a 30 day disclosure period on it and I thanked you but told you that they should have been taken down long ago. So you ended the 30 days

@InterN0T @TheRegister You cannot stalk and harass someone and breach a EULA, and access their system and FAIL at DDOS and be that good. Maybe a life of truth is

@InterN0T @TheRegister Better. Admitting to the DDOS was probably not smart either. I never did anything to you but if you defame, stalk, and bully, be honest. Bye

@InterN0T @TheRegister To a fair petson does the story of mister iiN0t add up as 2 domains were expired validating what I'm saying? Desparate/bored/no real work?

@InterN0T @TheRegister Anyway, I would have thanked iiN0t but what he did after, that's not in my hands. I never deserved the attacks. People create their future.

RT @CyberToolsBooks: The People's Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digit #CyberAttack #Ransomware htt…

@GordyPls Lol I I used to get that all the time because I had a business running the facilitation of training celebrants!